Outreach Offshore Ltd Still Servicing our Frontline Energy Sector

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Outreach Offshore continued to support essential operations in aid of the offshore wind sector as Wind energy is vital to the UK’s power generation requirements.  Each installation operates specialist crane equipment used on offshore wind farms that are essential to daily operations and maintenance needs onboard the installation. Outreach Offshore’s specialist […]

Outreach Offshore Visits Long-Time Partner Palfinger for 2020 Planning

This past week, Outreach Offshore’s Stuart Finlayson and Gary Waugh visited the city of Salzburg in Austria to meet with our long-running partners, Palfinger.  The purpose of the visit was to participate in multiple strategy meetings for the upcoming year to strengthen the relationship between both brands. These meetings took place in Palfinger’s Kassern Site. […]

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Outreach Offshore Provides Crane for Antarctic Research Facility

A research station in the antarctic has been undergoing some drastic changes to its on-site wharf. This station is a centre for biological research and a hub for supporting deep-field and air operations. Recently, this station has been involved in multiple climate change research projects including: Researching the effects of plastic litter on the polar […]

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