Outreach Offshore Ltd Performs a Major 10 Yearly Overhaul of Wind Support Quayside Crane

Outreach Offshore Ltd’s service plans ensure the highest performance of equipment. In this example, a detailed inspection was carried out on a PK23500M knuckle boom crane that resulted in the recommendation of a 10 yearly overhaul. 

10 year overhaul pk

This crane is used daily to load and unload CTV support vessels that support the wind energy sector. Due to the constant use of this crane, our client has undertaken our recommended proactive approach in order to continue the highest performance from their equipment, this means that Outreach Offshore performs an inspection every 6 months to keep on top of the regular maintenance schedule. 

Our 10 yearly overhaul includes the overhaul of major components including; hydraulic equipment, electrical systems, structural components, control equipment and ancillary equipment. This is considered a major overhaul of equipment which is essential to ensure continued productivity and to extend the product’s life-cycle. 

For this project, Outreach Offshore Ltd removed the crane from the site to carry out the refurb at our Falkirk service yard. This was deemed the best option due to the extent of the refurbishment to minimise disruption to the site and reduce the potential of any environmental impact. By removing the crane from its location Outreach Offshore Ltd can ensure that the site can still be operational for our clients while having control over the safe disposal of any components or oils that may cause harm to the environment. 

After being removed from the site and transported to Outreach Offshore’s Falkirk service yard, the crane was dismantled to allow for a thorough refurbishment of each component. Each section was stripped down and the consumable parts replaced before being shot blast and re-painted of major structural components. The crane was then reassembled and made ready for transport back to site. Outreach Offshore Ltd reinstalled, set to work and commissioned the crane successfully, including a full load test. 

Outreach Offshore’s proactive approach to service and maintenance, will provide inspection and maintenance services every six months to ensure the safety and productivity of the crane is maintained. By performing a 10 yearly refurbishment, it will provide a significant extension in the lifespan of the equipment.