Outreach Offshore Undertakes Topside Cranes Future Planning Survey

Outreach Offshore is currently providing service, maintenance, and thorough examination compliance for topside cranes located on four offshore substations located on the east coast of England. A topside crane is the main crane on an offshore substation, essential for making it possible to load and unload equipment onboard. This is a critical piece of equipment in which the daily activity of the substation is dependent on its reliable operation.

topside cranes

Outreach Offshore has been contracted to use their knowledge and expertise to identify short term and long term requirements for the prevention of breakdown and to promote life extension and compliance of the topside cranes with legislation through comprehensive service planning. A well-planned maintenance approach is more cost-effective for the client, by carrying out in-depth equipment surveys which results in providing a maintenance regime that minimises the risk of breakdown or the need to purchase a new piece of equipment before its lifespan has been realised.

The thorough examinations and targeted maintenance carried out by Outreach Offshore allow for a proactive approach to be adopted as it provides the information needed to develop a forward-thinking maintenance and repair schedule. The maintenance schedule introduced is compatible with the operational needs of the crane, whilst taking into account the OEM recommended work packages. Factors such as age, weather and level of usage are all taken into account when planning maintenance and the crucial intervals.

Outreach Offshore provided a successful survey on each of the topside cranes and associated equipment on board, which included other pieces of associated lifting equipment and monorail systems. This successful maintenance visit ensures continued operational compliance for the equipment and the platform. Outreach Offshore aim to keep operating costs at their lowest by understanding the condition of the equipment and implementing any repairs in the most cost-effective way we can.