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Crane Spare Parts

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Outreach Offshore can provide comprehensive spare crane parts packages to meet the needs of your products operational capability. Spare parts are at the heart of the longevity of your machine, ensuring that maintenance can be carried out to bring your crane back to full capacity.

crane parts

Outreach Offshore can provide parts for these components:

  • Main components
    • Boom Sections
    • Wear Pads
    • Column
  • Winch Components
    • Hoist Ropes
    • Load Hooks
    • Sheaves
  • Controls
    • Danfos Valves (Valve blocks)
    • Radio Remote Control (Transmitter)
    • Associated Pilot Control
  • Hydraulic components
    • Slew cylinder
    • Slew Rings/Pinions
    • Slew Motors
    • Main/Luffing Cylinder
    • Telescopic Cylinder
    • Load Hold Valves (Safety Device)
    • Pipework/Fittings/Hoses

And any associated Parts

crane parts