Our mission is to provide the correct engineered lifting solution for your project, delivered on time and in accordance with your requirements. The Outreach Offshore engineering design expertise can assist with problem-solving, integration and commissioning challenges.

outreach offshore

Our committed team of professionals has developed our sector expertise for over 25 years.  The combined versatility and knowledge meets the demand for the continual improvement and evolution of equipment capability.

Products sold by Outreach Offshore Limited are universally recognised as being of the highest quality. Each product is carefully matched to the intended application and fully engineered. This ensures compliance with all relevant codes and standards. This also ensures the result contributes to maximum benefits to the user’s business.

Our Sales Engineers have in-depth experience helping customers decide the most appropriate equipment specifications. They have unparalleled internal technical back-up support. From this, the correct blend of strength and rigidity is achieved at the lowest possible weight. Careful design and detailed calculations are essential to achieve the optimum installation.

We also provide comprehensive service support. This offers you through life compliance whilst maintaining operational capability.

This includes:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Life cycle
  • Thorough examination
  • Load testing
  • Spare parts
  • Modification
  • Redesign
  • Specialist loose equipment