Outreach Access


Outreach Offshore Limited is an approved distributor for Palfinger Marine Offshore Cranes and OEM crane parts. The products encompass a broad range of equipment divided into two main product groups:

offshore cranes
  • Offshore Deck Cranes
  • Offshore Travelling Cranes

Our Product Ranges include:

All of our cranes are designed for operations in the harshest environment including tropical and arctic climates. These heavy-duty cranes require minimum maintenance.

This range has been developed from standard travelling cranes to tailor-made explosion-proof electro-hydraulic operated BOP handling cranes (up to 400t). Each has separate hoist units and option to operate separately or together by electronic interconnection.

Combined with the latest technology the Palfinger Marine line of Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoists and Cranes are manufactured to provide the safest high-performance lifting tool of heavy-duty design. The quality and compact design has made the hoists and cranes multi-purpose lifting units easily adaptable to multiple working conditions. For specific details such as lifting capacity, lifting height, speed and dimensions please make contact with our sales department.

offshore cranes