Outreach Offshore Ltd Performs Essential Service & Maintenance on Quayside Support Crane

Outreach Offshore Ltd is an advocate for regular service, maintenance and inspection of equipment. We encourage a proactive approach to all our clients to ensure that equipment remains in good working order. This approach results in increased longevity of the product which, overall is a sustainable and cost-effective approach as the potential need to replace is reduced.

PTM Service load test

Outreach Offshore Ltd’s experienced service engineers have completed another successful 5 yearly overhaul and parts change on a PTM600 in North West England. This is a PALFINGER Marine telescopic boom crane which allows for a more flexible and wider operational radius in use and leaves the crane stored in a compact position. Their low weight and simplistic design make them easy to maintain, whilst offering a robust and reliable lifting solution. This crane is used daily on the quayside to support the wind industry, as a piece of equipment essential to the daily turnaround of CTV support vessels, it is, therefore, critical that it is working at full capacity. 

PTM service

 The project consisted of the replacement of the lifting hook as well as all valves and pilot hoses on the main control valve system. The work also included a full oil change and inspection of all critical load path components, which were changed out as required. After the essential refit was complete, a full load test was performed at 125% through the full working slew parameters, and at the maximum working radius of 20 metres. This is to ensure the structural integrity of all components and that all functions operate correctly. History and documentation is essential for all lifting appliances to track maintenance and upgrades/refit work, which in turn keeps the equipment current and compliant with the UK lifting regulations

By completing tasks like these regularly, you can guarantee the increased reliability of your equipment. With Outreach Offshore Ltd’s service and support packages, you can ensure the longevity of your crane through regular inspections and actions to minimise downtime and reduce the risk of breakdown.