Outreach Offshore Ltd Carried Out an On-Site Tailored Refit Onboard an Offshore Wind Substation

Outreach Offshore Ltd carried out an on-site tailored refit onboard an offshore wind substation. This refit was deemed necessary after potential damage to the slew motor, hoses and pipes were identified during a detailed inspection of the crane. This called for the replacement of the motors alongside a full hose replacement.  

tailored refit load test

Outreach Offshore Ltd are the UK PALFINGER  dealer for cranes and parts. This means that genuine OEM replacement parts can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Our service support reduces the downtime for machinery and can identify potential issues before they impact the operational capability of your equipment. 

To reduce further disruption of the crane’s daily activities, it was decided that alongside the repairs a tailored refit would take place. After the initial repairs to the hoses and motors were completed the additional refit work scope included; the installation of a new rotary distributor, new slip ring, load hold valve, extension hoses and the replenishment of slew motor oil. On completion, a pressure test was carried out, alongside a full function and load test to ensure the crane was back to full capacity.

This work was carried out on-site by Outreach Offshore Ltd’s service engineers. Their due diligence ensured the crane was back to full working capacity and ready for continued operational service.  

This is a primary example of the importance of regular inspection checks of your equipment. Service packages with Outreach Offshore Ltd can proactively reduce long term costs by predicting failures before they occur.