Outreach Offshore Ltd Still Servicing our Frontline Energy Sector

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Outreach Offshore continued to support essential operations in aid of the offshore wind sector as Wind energy is vital to the UK’s power generation requirements.  Each installation operates specialist crane equipment used on offshore wind farms that are essential to daily operations and maintenance needs onboard the installation. Outreach Offshore’s specialist servicing and maintenance engineers have been committed to supporting our clients through these difficult times by adapting to stringent safety measures to keep both our engineers and clients safe.

wind energy farm  

Therefore, Outreach Offshore has continued to provide service, support, statutory inspections, maintenance and load testing to all of its customers operating in essential areas.

Recently, Outreach Offshore has successfully completed maintenance together with a  thorough examination and load testing onboard a 91 wind turbine transition piece (TP). This was necessary to ensure ongoing crane compliance and service reliability. This offers assurance that the equipment is there to support the end-users requirement to the best of its capabilities.

wind energy farm with crane

As part of this project, Outreach Offshore had to conduct a specialist load test using water bag technology. This test was under finite control and governed by detailed risk assessment and method statement processes.

All necessary actions taken throughout this project were taken with all health and safety precautions due to COVID-19 and otherwise.

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