Outreach Offshore Performs a Crane Inspection on a Major Jack-Up Vessel

Outreach Offshore has just completed a major inspection and maintenance period for two marine cranes located onboard a self-propelled jack-up vessel. This project was undertaken on two PK15002MH PALFINGER Marine cranes and included performing essential service & maintenance work with the goal of keeping the equipment running with a view to re-certifying the equipment for further long term use.

The inspection included a full comprehensive inspection on all major load path components including slew motors, greasing all moving points and the slew bolt torque values were verified on the slew ring as well as the main holding down bolts. A full load test was performed on both assets. The maintenance period allowed for essential running repairs to be carried out alongside a proactive plan for future works. The service included the replacement of hydraulic pressure filters using genuine PALFINGER parts which included both slew motors being drained and filled with new gear oil.

Logistically, Outreach offshore mobilised engineers, test equipment, tools and parts to the set location of the jack-up vessel and was able to react safely and professionally. This took into account travel guidelines on a scheduled plan that was carried out on a timeline that suited the vessels operational needs.

load test
Load Test being carried out by Outreach Offshore Engineers

Only genuine OEM PALFINGER components were used to ensure the quality of the work. The critical running repairs that were carried out on this project, allowed both assets to remain functional and safe in service. Without this type of inspection and maintenance work, vital lifting equipment would be at risk of breakdown failure or the life span of a piece of equipment being cut short prematurely due to lack of maintenance. However, by using Outreach Offshore’s proactive approach, equipment like this can be re-certified and continue to be productive in service, as our view is to promote equipment sustainability and longevity in service through good maintenance and in-depth inspections. Operators rely heavily on their cranes to be reliable, as downtime can be both costly and lead to unnecessary delays in core work. Outreach Offshore Ltd welcomes the challenge to keep equipment in good order whilst its continued safety and reliability are at the centre of our processes.