North Wales Wind Farm Substation Full Examination

Outreach Offshore Ltd has conducted maintenance and thorough examination for lifting equipment on an offshore substation based in a 578-megawatt wind farm off the coast of North Wales. 

substation examination

In this type of project, Outreach Offshore Ltd commence a complete comprehensive check of every piece of lifting equipment on board. This is part of our maintenance packages within Support and Service. The types of equipment examined during this task were as follows: 

  • Davit cranes 
  • Overhead hoists & monorail
  • Overhead Gantry Cranes
  • Loose lifting equipment
  • Access ladders and platforms
  • Escape shoots

These types of equipment should be of the best standard to ensure the health and safety of those on board and the designated operators of the equipment. By implementing a proactive approach with examination and maintenance, high standards can be sustained. 

This proactive approach reduces any interruptions in core work and the need for future intervention. Downtime of machinery can be costly and inconvenient. With our service support, you can ensure that the highest levels of operational ability are being maintained by your equipment.  

It is important to capture this type of maintenance during weather windows and to pre-plan all activities to ensure that each visit allows the maximum effectiveness.