Re-Use, Re-Purpose & Optimise Operational Capability with Outreach Offshore Ltd

Outreach Offshore Ltd is providing a combined solution for an ROV launch and recovery project. This solution involves a fully refurbished and re-purposed control cabin alongside a Mk6 electric tether winch. This project is an example of work by Outreach Offshore Ltd in the pursuit of continued development of their products.   

re-purpose story

The Mk6 winch is an electric winch powered by a 3 phase 415V AC drive system that also offers an inverter controlled variable speed. As part of Outreach Offshore Ltd’s ongoing upgrades to our current product ranges, the Mk6 winch is now at its latest revision with further revisions planned for future release. The upgrades implemented within this particular winch involved changes to the spooling structure to make it more robust and upgrades to the gearing mechanism that were made to reduce friction even further. The Mk6 winch has a pulling power of SWL 605kg and the ability to launch and recover, including the recovery of a disabled vehicle if this occurs

mk6 winch

To complement this project Outreach Offshore Ltd performed a tailored refit of our client’s control cabin whilst adding features to re-purpose its operational scope to match the deployment needs.

pre refurb control cabin
Before Refurbishment

Firstly, the cabin was stripped down and thoroughly examined to determine core structure condition and requirements for the new work scope. Electrically, the cabin was tested and all outdated wiring was replaced and reconfigured, with new hardware installed to support the end client’s local and operational requirements. The general interior fabric was also refurbished by replacing any A60 wall boarding and associated fittings that needed updating. The air conditioning system has also been replaced and commissioned and monitor racking systems adapted to suit the new work scope. A full re-preservation programme was undertaken on the main structure to bring this into an as new standard to cope with marine environments. New lifting slings were manufactured and certified along with re-certification of the complete cabin, including load test. 

re-purpose control cabin
After Refurbishment

This project highlights the versatility of Outreach Offshore Ltd.’s approach to the design and build of our products to keep costs down by offering a service to repair, refurbish or re-purpose equipment that aids carbon footprint mindset to re-use rather than replace. Our products are designed with our client’s need specifically in mind to match capability and scope requirements.