Workboat Cranes Examined, Maintained & Back in Service

Outreach Offshore Ltd has successfully carried out thorough examination procedures on 5 workboat cranes including the completion of maintenance work and full load testing.  

workboat crane load testing

The 5 workboat cranes that undertook the required maintenance work were:

The vessels utilising these cranes were berthed in Rosyth to undertake required maintenance work. These vessels come in yearly for regular maintenance during their usual inspection period. Outreach Offshore Ltd worked alongside the workboat schedules and mobilised our team of expert engineers to comply with their planned inspection/maintenance window. Workboats rely heavily on their cranes to be reliable, as downtime can be both costly and lead to unnecessary delays in core work as the need to return to shore results in lost time on the project. 

Our client has a proactive approach to maintenance and health and safety whilst maintaining productivity. This minimises the potential for outages as these maintenance periods allow the time to highlight any potential issues that can be resolved before going back into service. This approach keeps the equipment and the operators safe with the view to continued reliability in service and reducing the need for intervention during important operational work scopes.

Outreach Offshore Ltd strives to keep our client’s equipment in good order whilst ensuring it continues to operate safely and effectively.