Our foldable knuckle boom cranes make full use of their strengths and flexibility when loading and unloading equipment. Due to their compact construction, they can easily be accommodated on every type of vessel, especially where space is limited. Various features and options make our foldable knuckle boom cranes a multi-functional tool, and each machine can be designed according to rules and regulations.

foldable knuckle boom crane PK range


  • Long-life surface treatment/corrosion protection
  • Low/high-temperature operations
  • Lebus grooved winch drums
  • Return oil utilisation
  • Continuing slewing system
  • Power link system


  • Constant tensioning
  • Remote control
  • Standing platform
  • Operator’s cabin
  • Overload protection: MOPS/AOPS
  • Offshore control system (OCS)
  • Lifting of personal – man-riding
  • Workman basket
  • External hydraulic power packs
  • Local control stand (FLVK)