The Next Generation MK8 Electric Tether Winch

Outreach Offshore Ltd has put significant effort into the continued R&D of one of our core products, the Mk8 electric tether winch. The Mk8 electric tether winch is designed to store and deploy soft tethers for a variety of free-swimming Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). We believe the further developments we have made will take our product to the next level and create a better user experience offering.  a piece of equipment that is reliable, robust and easily maintained. 

new generation mk8 winch

Prior to our new upgrades, the Mk8 winch already had versatile features which made it a desirable piece of equipment. The carcass and winch drum assembly is made from polypropylene, offering a lightweight solution which can be installed multi-positionally with ease via the footplate installation brackets. The winch has a multi-speed inverter drive which we can provide 3 different power options: 110volts, 240volts or a 415volts option working from 50/60HZ frequency. Each unit has speed control which allows for the ultimate positioning and control. Alongside this, you can also find a handwheel which has the ability to manually override the power-driven spooling mechanism to allow the user to manually adjust, align and correct the spooling mechanism as the need arises. Despite these comprehensive features, Outreach Offshore Ltd has invested in further research and development to expand the scope of this product through key improvements. 

winch upgrades

The redevelopment includes a complete redesign of the spooling mechanism drive train. The additions to the drive train include a shaft and bearing redesign and specialist chain tensioners which will result in the need for less maintenance. Alongside this, the guards for the spooling mechanism have been redesigned to be modular, which will offer easy maintenance access in key areas. An upgraded stiffening assembly was also introduced to the winch which also offers quick and easy access to the drum if you need to access a larger area of the drum for intervention to the tether. These developments are aimed at making the unit easier to maintain whilst extending maintenance periods.  

One of the most advantageous developments to the Mk8 winch is the spooling carriage. This section has been redesigned to be pressed and folded from a solid plate rather than welded components. This makes the component stronger and more lightweight for day to day operation. In addition, Outreach Offshore Ltd has added the ability to allow the user to adjust the tether size without changing the complete carriage. An adapter kit can be used to achieve a tether change which can be sourced exclusively from Outreach Offshore Ltd as a modification kit which can be sold as part of a parts package or as a single kit. This development minimises the cost of replacing the entire carriage piece, whilst offering greater versatility. 

winch spooling carriage 

The upgrades do not finish there, Outreach Offshore Ltd is continuing the development of the Mk8 winch to include future innovative revisions. This includes introducing the option for radio remote control for further ease of use and the ability to increase safety by position and better visual contact from vantage points. In addition, a further desirable attribute we will develop in the next phase is the ability to recover disabled vehicles. This limits the need to use third-party intervention. 

Outreach Offshore Ltd has taken an already tried and tested product and developed it in areas that will make significant improvements for the user. The system is now easier to maintain, stronger and is adjustable to the customer’s needs with continuing improvements on the controls and overall capability.