The Mk8 Electric Tether Winch is designed to store and deploy soft tethers for a variety of free-swimming Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Fitted with a variable speed electric drive the winch is controlled using a simple to operate hand-held pendant. The body of the Mk8 is made up of polypropylene.

electric tether winch

Mk8 Electric Tether Winch Data Sheet

Available with a range of accessories including lifting frame, sling and/or davit launch & recovery skid.


  • Manufactured from robust polypropylene and GRD 316 Stainless Steel Fixing Components
  • Lightweight
  • ‘Plug and Play’ ease of installation
  • Corrosion & Salt Water Resistant


  • Can be made Zone 2 compliant
  • Opportunity for multi-positional installation (deckhead/bulkhead/deck)
  • Ideal for use in a small vessel or areas with space constraints