Outreach Offshore Ltd finds itself in the Antarctic with Luxury Superyacht

Outreach Offshore Ltd finds itself tasked with a project to support the next chapter of arctic luxury cruises with MY Legend Superyacht. This luxury cruise ship was in need of a comprehensive system to allow their guests even closer access to the wonders of the arctic. Our PALFINGER range proved most efficient for the cruise ship’s operational needs.

my legend superyacht

The Vessel

MY Legend is a state of the art, luxury superyacht at 77.4 meters this vessel has the capability to provide a unique cruising experience with state of the art equipment and extras, such as jet skis, a jacuzzi, onboard cinema and much more. This yacht has been designed to travel through the arctic conditions whilst ensuring their guests are comfortable and safe. This cruise brings a superior, luxury experience of the arctic to 22 exclusive guests, with the capability to bring them up close and personal with the wildlife and natural wonders of the icy landscape.

The Specifications

MY Legend wanted to provide a more diverse experience for their guests which would involve a smaller daughter craft for use on offboard sea expeditions. This craft will bring the cruisers closer to the action of the arctic without compromising the luxury feel of a superyacht experience. Outreach Offshore Ltd was commissioned to provide a lifting solution to launch and recover the Targa 37 daughter craft which boasts a 12.75 meter length and a beam of 3.5 meters. It was an important design feature to be mindful of the vessels stability parameters and limitations whilst launching the daughter craft overboard with a safe working load of 10 tonnes.

my legend daughter craft

The Project

Based on these specifications, Outreach Offshore Ltd worked closely with the refit yard naval architects and the client to choose the correct product that will enable a successful launch and recovery of the craft. The result of this was to install the PALFINGER PK150002M marine knuckle boom crane with a custom seat, designed, built and installed by the refit yard. The overall project consisted of the supply of the PALFINGER crane, remote installation in Holland, set to work, commissioning and load testing, all carried out by Outreach Offshore Ltd’s experienced service engineers. The crane was painted in accordance with a specific RAL code so that it aesthetically complimented the vessel livery.

Outreach Offshore Ltd supplied a turnkey solution for the specifications required to match the client’s expectation. The Outreach Offshore Ltd team of engineers carried out the entire operation, including installation and load testing. The crane will be put into service in the upcoming arctic cruises for 2021, allowing the superyacht to evolve it’s operational capability whilst continuing to provide luxury during offboard sea expeditions.