Outreach Offshore Ltd Provides Turn Key Service for Military Vessel

Outreach Offshore Ltd has completed the installation of a PK150002M knuckle boom marine crane approved to DVGL classification and man riding capability. This crane has been installed, commissioned and load tested on a UK military vessel.

military marine crane

Outreach Offshore Ltd provided a turnkey solution to allow the client to retrofit this crane onto an existing seat pedestal by integrating a structural transition piece where a much larger crane formerly sat. The purpose of this redesign was to have a crane that could provide more versatility for smaller loads than its predecessor.

The vessel carries the capability of a larger crane so this maintains overall load capability for the vessel whilst the new pal finger now provides a lifting solution that gives greater deck coverage in compact areas as opposed to the larger crane that was too restrictive.

Outreach Offshore Ltd provided a stand-alone HPU system to power the crane independently from the ships ring main. The crane was commissioned and successfully load tested and the military vessel is imminently due on sea trail priors to the going back into service.