Another Completion on Outreach Offshore Ltd’s Mk8 Tether Winch

Outreach Offshore Ltd has completed yet another Mk8 electric tether winch, which is our exclusive design.


This winch was designed specifically by Outreach Offshore Ltd to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This product range has now been established within the launch and recovery market for many years, we are currently developing yet another revision to this to again cope with operational demands.

Mk8 Winch

The Mk8 electric tether winch is a lightweight option for the launch and recovery of free-swimming ROVs. The winch body and drum are made out of polypropylene with stainless steel fixings, making it an incredibly strong and robust winch with the added benefit of it being lower in weight. Its material make-up adds properties that resist saltwater corrosion, perfect for any marine state. The Mk8 winch can be installed anywhere with the unique plug-and-play design and its compact size makes it perfect for any size of vessel.  

The ROV market continues to develop as the use of this technology becomes more widespread. We are confident this product will withstand the test of time and continue to thrive in such a dynamic market. We can also couple this unit to a MK3 crane LARS to give launch and recovery capability. Please get in contact if we can assist in your R.O.V project.