Tailored Refit Undertaken at Outreach Offshore Falkirk

Recently, Outreach Offshore removed a PKM700T from a north sea drilling platform in order to conduct a tailored refit on all major components. The crane was transported to Outreach Offshore Falkirk Works, in order to complete the project on our specialist test plinth. 

falkirk refit plinth

A detailed strip and examination process took place on all major load path components, to determine their status and need for either replacement or ability for continued use, consumable or shelf-life items were replaced as standard. This assessment provided a clear outline of the crane’s condition and requirements for replacement components, like a tailored refit programme, which ensured a cost-effective plan whilst providing a safe solution. All the works from this project were scheduled in a timely manner to allow the crane to be returned to service within a finite timeline. The work carried out included F.A.T. load test trials and function tests, on both the crane and the pipe grab attachment in accordance with a detailed F.A.T document pack. 

After the refit had been completed the crane was dismantled into handleable sections in order to be shipped safely offshore to be reinstalled and commissioned. The timeliness and effectiveness of the required refit will allow the crane to go back into service with a limited amount of downtime minimising essential drilling operations.

cran refit

All works carried out operated under strict guidelines and measures to comply with lockdown restrictions and to ensure the safety of all personnel.

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