Outreach Offshore provides specialist OSB system to Oil and Gas Hazard Zone


Outreach offshore recently completed a project to supply and support the installation set to work (STW) and commissioning of an OSB 240 (M) specialist access system.

osb 240

Outreach Offshore were tasked to provide a versatile solution to support operations, maintenance and inspection within the drilling derrick of a rig located in Bahrain waters. The elevating Offshore Access System consists of hydraulically operated boom systems with a Work Basket sufficient enough to support two persons plus small hand tools. We provided a CE and ATEX compliant, series-produced model OSB 240(M) with a telescopic extension boom, certified for a Zone 1 hazardous area use.

Outreach offshore worked with the client to design a seat that would enable the OSB 240 (M) unit to be mounted in a specific zone within the Derrick, this optimum position enabled the OSB to reach all the areas required, whilst providing a simple interface where hydraulic power services could connect.

The Outreach Offshore access solution provides cost-effective versatility when access requirements are needed instantly. Our system allows quick response to maintenance and inspection issues, without the need to build scaffolding or other access systems that can be costly and time-consuming to erect and dismantle during tight time constraints, or in an emergency situation.


 Max. Radius                   –        14.5 m

 Load Capacity                –        280 kg within the Work Basket

Construction :


  • The slewing column is a ‘box’ type fabrication, which incorporates the main boom and main lift cylinder pivots.
  • Slewing cylinders of bolted design and conical shaped base.
  • The slewing system is limited to 400º maximum slewing angle.

 Boom System

  • 160º elevation envelope. 55º above and 105º below horizontal.
  • The main boom is a fabricated box section with local reinforcing at the pivot and cylinder anchor bosses. The outer and telescopic sections are fabricated hexagonal construction with the telescope section sliding inside the outer boom section. The telescopic section is supported on slider pads that run on the angled faces of the hexagon to ensure self-aligning during telescoping.
  • The boom sections are driven by double-acting hydraulic cylinders that have nickel chrome plated steel piston rods.
  • Boom pivot pins are produced using specially treated steel to prevent corrosion, running in bronze bushes.

 Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic operation from a 206 bar (3000 psi) constant pressure supply with inline filtration.
  • Primary cable control from the basket suitable for a hazard zone 1 application.
  • Secondary control situated within a lockable base station at floor level. The secondary controls can be switched to over-ride the primary control within the basket to be used in emergency situations.
  • Fully proportional marine specification main control valves incorporating anti-shock valves for each function.
  • Stainless steel hydraulic pipes and hydraulic hoses complete with Stainless steel external fittings
  • Hydraulic cylinders are double-acting design
  • Piston rods – nickel chrome-plated steel
  • Load holding valves are fitted on all cylinders and slewing for maximum safety

 Slewing System

  • The slewing system is limited to 400º maximum slewing angle.
  • The slew is powered by hydraulic cylinders on a toothed gear.

 Work Basket

  • Automatic hydraulic self-levelling system to compensate for different boom angles throughout the operating envelope. Suitable for 5º/2º characteristics.
  • For two persons plus small hand tools, up to 280kg total weight.
  • (x2) harness attachment points provided.
  • Control station for primary control.

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