ROV MK6 Winch

Outreach Offshore have manufactured a MK6 tether winch to support an ROV project that required variable fine speed control with the capability of spooling 1,100 metres of 20.6mm umbilical tether.

Our latest winches offer ultimate speed control to match your ROV deployment needs. The MK6 has the capability of recovering a disabled vehicle, with its integrated hoist mode motor drive and braking system. Safety is built into our drive motors with a pre-determined torque value programmed into the drive system preventing the winch from being overloaded.

Our latest MK6 variants offer a simplified system that uses smaller control panels and integrated inverter drive systems within the hoist motor.  The new models also have built in forklift pockets and hoist rings mounted on the crash cage for crane lifting on and off vessels. Our MK6 winches can operate up to sea state 6 making these the winch of choice offering simplicity, robustness and longevity.