Pipe Handler Crane Installation and Commission from Outreach Offshore


pipe handler crane

Outreach Offshore Ltd service division completed the installation commissioning and load test of a PKM700T pipe handler crane and pipe grab located in the North Sea Forties field. The task was to install the crane on a prepared seat within a finite timeline so that the crane could become operational as soon as possible.

Outreach Offshore service division liaised closely with the onboard crew and client to ensure the project was delivered on time, safely and within allowable weather windows. The pipe handler crane project was carefully planned to ensure all lifting capabilities were arranged to match a controlled lift plan for each component. This was put forward in a detailed method statement that accounted for fine detail. All installation was undertaken by Outreach Offshore’s experienced service team on site. This ensured there was a seamless installation plan from start to finish and final set to work and load test.


This model of pipe handler knuckle boom crane is designed to lift high loads with extended jib and provide the operator with great flexibility during lifting operations. The improved level of control makes the crane ideal for pipe handling operations, even in high sea states.

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