Outreach Offshore Ltd Performs 5 Yearly Refurbishment & Refit on Two Major Pieces of Quayside Equipment

Outreach Offshore Ltd has an extensive 5 yearly refurbishment service. This service allows the maintenance of equipment to have a regular maintenance schedule based on the equipment’s amount of usage and daily activities. Recently, Outreach Offshore Ltd has performed this refit service for our clients on two separate pieces of equipment, falling within the renewable energy sector. These cranes are subject to daily use, meaning that it is essential to keep on top of regular maintenance and inspection. 

ptm refit

A detailed survey took place on two quayside PALFINGER PTM600 telescopic boom cranes, each located at separate locations. These cranes are used as essential support for the renewable energy sector, the cranes are used to load and offload equipment and other essentials onto CTV support vessels, which will transfer to the offshore wind farms. 

This survey highlighted multiple parts that were needed to be replaced as part of a refit programme. Both cranes underwent a hydraulic overhaul which included the slew slip ring, and a full winch overhaul including valves, other safety-related and boom consumable parts were changed as standard. When completed the cranes were function trialled before starting any performance and set to work testing. Both cranes were load tested using water bag technology to ensure they were able to function in a full working capacity. throughout the full range of capability.

load test refit

Carrying out planned refits can offer life extension to your asset, which reduces the need to replace costly equipment, taking a proactive approach to this also supports the ethos of reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the need to replace, when you can re-use. By taking a further proactive approach to ongoing planned maintenance you can further extend the lifespan of your equipment to prevent and predict failure whilst minimising the potential for downtime. Outreach Offshore Ltd has an emphasis on a proactive ethos for the upkeep of inspections and maintenance. We know that it is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping equipment safe and productive while reducing the need for an expensive replacement.