The Mk5 Work Class Launch & Recovery System (LARS) is designed for work class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) up to 5,000kg in weight. The combination of extending A-Frame and Snubber Rotator enables the Tether Management System (TMS) and ROV to be picked up directly off the deck, extended outwards and into the water without the need for manual intervention. Improving the safety of personnel in all stages of launch and recovery.

work class lars

The snubber rotator is fitted with pitch and roll control. This acts as both a damper during launch and recovery, and, as a fully driven control mechanism to ensure alignment of the umbilical when the ROV is deployed. The system helps prevent damage to the umbilical increasing service life.

The overall size of the Mk5 has been carefully configured to ensure that it is transportable by road without an escort. The erection and stowage of the A-Frame is ram operated and collapses down further to reduce the height for transportation.