AHC cranes stand for trouble-free operation in the most extreme offshore conditions. Tailor-made for the harsh offshore environment, they combine low power consumption with high performance. All components are placed as low as possible to ensure a remarkably low weight and low centre of gravity. In combination with high lifting capabilities, this leads to a maximised cargo capacity on deck.

Offering outstanding operator ergonomics and maintenance access, AHC cranes come with an optimised drive train for correct speed and high capacity.


  •  Fully equipped operators cabin
  • Up to 3000 m capacity wire
  • Flood lights
  • Boom tip camera
  • Helicopter lights
  • Emergency back-up control system
  • Design according to DNV 2.22
  • Design according to EN 13852/NORSOK


• Tugger winches
• Aux winch (with our without AHC winch)
• Fibre rope solution
• Pedestal adapter
• Hazardous zone classification
• Lift planning tool
• Remote diagnostic
• Winch below deck