Outreach Offshore Ltd Performs 5 yearly Crane Survey Service Onboard a Marine Support Vessel

Outreach Offshore Ltd has performed a 5 yearly service crane survey, thorough examination and load test onboard a marine support vessel in Cork, Ireland.

service vessel palfinger crane

The crane is mounted on a multipurpose survey and research vessel that will be used within the offshore wind energy sector. The 50-meter vessel has been bought to increase fleet capability within the wind sector and has been renamed to be part of the clients fleet, a recent refit has brought the vessel up to current operational standards. The crane model is a PALFINGER PTM1800 marine crane. This is a telescopic boom crane that allows a more flexible and wider operational radius in use whilst providing a compact profile in position. 

This crane is used for daily lifting operations onboard the vessel which can be subject to multiple sea states. These working conditions mean that regular maintenance and thorough examination schedules should be maintained to ensure the crane’s durability and longevity.  

For this project, our Outreach Offshore Service Engineers travelled to the vessel’s base located in Cork, Ireland to carry out the task. The examination included the inspection of the overall structural condition of the crane, specifically looking out for any signs of corrosion. An in-depth examination of the valves, hoses, slip rings, main cylinder and the main boom sections took place. Consumable parts were then replaced such as filters. Finally, a full load test was completed to ensure the crane was working a full capacity and that all safety systems were operational. This entire project was carried out within 5 days and has ensured the lifting equipment is at full operational capability with a view to ensuring no potential issues are present that could cause unexpected future downtime. 

load test service

This 5 yearly survey and test service performed by Outreach Offshore Ltd can be tailored to your equipment requirements based on usage and environmental factors. This type of service intervention will allow for the equipment to be assessed for condition and allow an action plan to be implemented to solve any issues that may emerge as a result of a detailed examination and reduce the risk of a potential for future breakdown. Outreach Offshore Service Engineers can mobilise to any location to provide thorough examination services, plus tailored refurbishment/refits can also be performed with minimal downtime and can be scheduled alongside planned docking times.