Outreach Offshore Carries Out Complete Onboard Refit

Outreach Offshore is aware that in the current economic climate many clients are working to tight budgets. That is why we are making a considered effort to provide the best solution that is not only the most efficient but the most cost-effective for your project. Outreach Offshore was commissioned to survey a PKM1400T hydraulic pipe handler crane to identify a budget-friendly conscious solution to promote life extension for the asset which resulted in an onboard refit.

onboard refit

This project involved an on-site evaluation in which all key elements were taken into consideration, such as the essential work, critical load path, hydraulics and controls. From this survey, it was deemed necessary to compile a bill of materials to promote a tailored refit. Due to the nature of the project the decision was made to conduct the refit onboard the substation platform in order to avoid the costs of bringing to the asset onshore and significantly reducing the downtime. The refit will tackle four main aspects, all consumable and short term key load path parts will be replaced, the crane will then be recommissioned, set to work and put through an extensive load test. Additionally, a maintenance schedule will be put in place to continue the operational capability of the asset and reducing the need to replace. Through completing a tailored refit and through a proactive maintenance approach, you can significantly extend the life of the equipment.

This project highlights the continued adaptive nature of Outreach Offshore’s service and maintenance division’s approach, to any situation or budget. The life cycle on ageing assets is an important feature for all equipment holders, to understand the need for intervention at the correct time frame. This refit programme is due to begin shortly to provide an intervention service, that fits within operators drilling expectations and timescales.