Outreach Offshore Ltd Performs Major Refit On Gorilla V Pipe Handler Crane

Outreach Offshore Ltd has performed a major crane refit onboard the Gorilla V drilling platform. The refit was carried out on a PKM1300T pipe handler crane whilst the platform was docked in Scotland. The platform docking was due to a scheduled essential maintenance period. This maintenance period allowed Outreach Offshore Ltd to carry out a major refit to the onboard pipe handler crane. 

gorilla v pip handler

pipe handler crane

 After a detailed survey and inspection, Outreach Offshore Ltd compiled a detailed plan to conduct the refit by providing a finite number of parts to carry this out within a considered budget. The entire refit consisted of critical load path areas such as a full hose replacement, load hold valve replacement on all hydraulic functions, the replacement and re-torquing of holding down bolt and slew ring bolt. It also included the overhaul of the energy chain and slew motor as well as the replacement of boom wear pads etc.  

Gorilla V pipe handler refit

 After the work was completed, a full load test and re-certification were successfully carried out using a water bag and telemetry load monitoring equipment. This major refit will allow this essential piece of equipment to go back into service ready for the platform’s next drilling deployment. By conducting regular targeted maintenance you can extend the life expectancy of essential equipment, which in turn reduces costs in the long term

 Outreach Offshore Ltd service and maintenance provide work packages to suit every application. We take on a proactive approach to maintenance, ensuring the best operational capability over the life span of our lifting equipment.