Our fixed boom platform cranes are experts in safe and fast material handling to and from offshore wind platforms. A special surface coating and processing of high-quality materials protect the cranes against corrosion in harsh sea environments.


  • Overload protection system
  • Electronically operated rope*
  • Hoisting speed 9-12m/min*
  • Hoisting height up to 28m*
  • Wire rope, rotation free, galvanised
  • Electrically/manually operated slewing drive speed – 0.5rpm
  • Electric power requirements 3 x 400 – 690 V AC / 50-60 HZ*
  • Cable remote control system
  • Protection class IP56/66/67
  • Stainless steel components
  • Surface protection
  • Botton flange on mounting base


  • Pivoting bars*
  • Slack wire detection system*
  • Visual warning light*
  • LED working light*
  • Pulley line systems

All points marked with * Not applicable for PF1100